Performance marketing meets art.

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Toronto, Canada, Eh?

We make viral video ads people actually want to watch.

Superbowl ads for DTC.

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Think about the most viral ecom brands you know of - Squatty Potty, Dollar Beard Club, Purple Mattress. What do they all have in common? They all provide high-production content that entertains.


It's our belief that brands solely focusing on acquisition and no content strategy for building brand will eventually end up dead in the water.  


So we've heeded this call and developed a formula for high-production ads that entertain the viewer while tastefully sprinkling in direct response elements. The result: highly shareable, viral brand campaigns that are relatable, funny, entertaining, brand-building and revenue-driving.

Build a moat around your brand with content that entertains. 
We’ve built out a robust production team to bring viral campaign ideas to life entirely in-house. Now we're making magic.

Typically, when you go to an ad agency with a high-production ad campaign idea, they would then take that idea and hire production company to execute the ad. But we saw a problem with this. The ads often end up looking very cinematic and beautiful, but they don't drive sales. Why? Becuse production companies aren't performance marketers. So we decided that we needed directors, producers, DPs, editors, and everyone else on the production team to understand what performance marketing elements need to be included in a high production ad to keep viewers engaged, entertained, and to drive revenue. 

The Process


Once we've had our initial strategy call to ensure we're a good partnership match, our team will get to work right away to come up with your video ad concept. We go back & forth with you until you're 100% stoked on what we're about to bring to life for your brand. 


We script, cast, & produce your signed-off ad concept with the best film equipment in the world and top talent in the industry. 


This is where things get really fun. Our team of creative & talented editors work with our production team to chop all variations of your ad to deliver your sexy new digital content. Either take these variations, pass them off to your internal ad buying team, and start running your video ads, OR, if you need help in that department, we have a highly skilled ad buying team in house as well. Watch your brand blossom and the revenue flow in! Hello, conversions. 


Take a load off, we'll handle the entire creative process.

At DSRUPT Media, we eat, sleep & breathe strategic video ad creation. Our commitment to 'the art' of converting visitors into paid customers has given us the ability to help drive impressive revenue for e-commerce brands just like yours

Your success is what fuels our drive. We want to help your brand achieve exponential business growth, so you and yours can achieve exponentially elevated lives.


Now, let's make some buzz-worthy video ads.

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Let's chat and see if we're a match.

We believe in long-term relationships and working with brands we're aligned with. We want this to work, but if we're not compatible, that's okay too. Either way—we can't wait to meet you.

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