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Here are 10 TikTok hooks that helped us get 14.6 million views in 50 days! 👏

  1. "When buying my (name the product), I didn't think about this"

  2. "Since we were featured in x magazine" (social proof) follow up with what happened after

  3. "My girlfriend's stomach was so mangled (identify the problem)" followed by "so I bought her (name product/solution)"

  4. "The thing I wish I knew earlier when getting x (name product)" follow up with your positive experience or something funny

  5. "I started using this (name product)" follow up with a story of what happened after

  6. "Customer: I WANT A REFUND NOW." use voice & make a funny story

  7. "When you've used 6 x (show similar products that aren't as good) before you realized they had (your product name)" show your product as the better version

  8. "When your x is so (name positive feature i.e. sleek) that it gets confused with ____ (something positive)"

  9. "My GF was always (state the problem your product solves)"

  10. Reply to a negative comment with something cheeky. Always works for a great hook. For example, someone said you can use any house object as a toilet stool. So we said "alright, bet" & used absurd objects.

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